Look at the table below! In the second column there are three words related to travelling. In the fourth column there are explanations of the words given in the second column. You should notice that the explanations don't match with the words. Read the explanations carefully and try to match them with the correct words from the second column. Write the number of the correct explanation in the empty field in the first column next to each word. Use numbers only (no need to put a dot after the number!!!)!
the act of visiting and seeing places and objects of interest
to sail
an act or instance of showing one's ticket to or registering with an authorized agent, as in an airport or hotel
to move along or travel over water
Lai iesniegtu atbildi un redzētu rezultātus, Tev nepieciešams autorizēties. Lūdzu, ielogojies savā profilā vai reģistrējies portālā!