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Read the text about St. Patrick's Day! There are three questions after the text and two or three possible answers for each question. Read the answers carefully and choose which is the correct answer based on what you have just read!
Martin's St. Patrick's Day
Martin always had great ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. He didn’t even have any ancestors from Ireland, but that didn’t matter. This holiday invites everyone to be Irish for one day each year.

Last year Martin had gotten his friends and classmates together to form a St. Patrick’s Day parade. They marched up and down the sidewalks of the main streets in town and had a really good time.

Martin decided that this year he would have a small party and invited his closest friends. Of course, all the food, plates, and cups would be colored green. Martin even bought an album of Irish music to play on his stereo.

The one thing Martin wasn’t sure about was what kind of games to play at the party. “Who do I know,” Martin asked himself, “that can help me come up with some good games?”
1)  Did Martin have any ancestors from Ireland?
2)  What did Martin and his friends do on St. Patrick's Day last year?
3)  What Martin needed help with when organizing his St. Patricks Day party?
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