• Adverbs are used with verbs, adjectives or other adverbs.
She speaks Spanish perfectly. (adverb + verb)
This book is really interesting. (adverb + adjective)
He learns languages incredibly quickly. (adverb + adverb)
  • Adverbs are used to say how, where and when someone does something.
Sam reads slowly. (how)
My room is upstairs. (where)
Nobody worked yesterday. (when)
  • There are different types of adverbs:
adverbs of manner (how)
slowly, quickly, badly, well, loudly etc.
adverbs of frequency (how often)
always, sometimes, often, never etc.
adverbs of degree (how much / to what extent)
much, little, very, too, so, enough, hardly, nearly, almost etc.
adverbs of time (when)
now, today, yesterday, tomorrow, before, lately, recently, once, ever, never, always, seldom, usually, sometimes, already, yet, still, since etc.
adverbs of place (where)
here, there, inside, outside, above, below, somewhere, anywhere, nowhere, elsewhere, upstairs etc.
There are also
sentence adverbs
certainly, definitely, luckily etc.
relative adverbs
when, where, why etc.
interrogative adverbs
when? where? why? etc.
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