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The USA is so big that it has different climates in different regions. Alaska in the north-west of North America, is the coldest state of the USA, but California in the south-west of the United States is one of the hottest states. The temperature can be between -30°C in Alaska during the winter and +35°C in California in summer. What is the coldest city in the United States? Winter temperatures in the United States vary greatly between the northern and southern halves of the country. In many parts of the US, however, temperatures drop below freezing during winter months. Some cities have recently been experiencing record-breaking temperatures. Chicago, for example, experienced its coldest temperature in 34 years on January 30, 2019, of -31°C. Chicago, however, is not one of the coldest cities in the United States on average. The cold recorded temperature ever in the United States was -54°C in Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks also has the coldest minimum average temperature of -27°C.
But what about the hottest places? Some of the most populated cities across the United States are also some of the hottest places to be during the summer with temperatures regularly climbing above +38°C. Many cities don’t come close to the extreme heat experienced in Death Valley, California. The highest temperature was there in 1913 and it reached to +57°C, but average temperature of summer for this place is +46°C.
In New Your, that is in the east of country at the Atlantic Ocean, it rains a lot and it is very cold in the winter with lots of snow. However, in Arizona, that is in the south-west part, the weather is very hot in summer and very dry all year round. Sometimes there are tornados and hurricanes in Texas in south of the USA during the autumn. The area where the weather causes most damage though, is the Mississippi river area, that is in the middle of the country. It often rains very heavily and there are lot of floods.
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1. It never rains in Arizona. —
2. The weather in the Mississippi river area is usually wet. —
3. In New Yourk it rains a lot. —
4. In Arizona the weather is very hot in the summer. —
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