Read the text "Home, sweet home".
(Izlasi tekstu!)
This is our house. It's big. We have seven rooms in the house: a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a children’s room, a dining room and a kitchen.
The biggest room is a living room. We watch TV and read books in it. We like playing different board games at weekends in our living room. In our kitchen we cook and have breakfast. It's light and modern. We eat dinners in the dining room. There's a large table and six chairs around it. We read the books and sleep in our bedrooms. My dad likes reading newspapers before he goes to sleep. But my mum likes reading books about love. My little brothers play in the children’s room. They're twins.
I have my own room with a desk, a bed, a wardrobe and two chairs in it. I do my homework in my room. In the evening I like playing computer games for an hour in my bedroom.
Fill in the gaps.
(Aizpildi tukšās vietas!)
  1. There are seven   in our house.
  2. There are six  in the dining room.
  3. There are two  in my bedroom.
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