Read the text "My flat".
(Izlasi tekstu "Mans dzīvoklis"!)
My flat is not big. There are three rooms in it. There's a kitchen and a hall, too.

There's a sofa and two armchairs in the living room. There's a round table and four chairs around it. We usually have dinner on Sunday in the living room.

My room is not big. It's small. In my room I have a bed, a desk, a chair and a bookcase. It is very light. I like doing my homework and reading books in my bedroom.
There's a table, some chairs, a fridge and a TV set in the kitchen. My family likes having breakfast in the kitchen every morning. I like our flat a lot.
Choose yes or no:
(Izvēlies yes
() vai no ()!)
  1. My flat is very big.

  2. My room is small.

  3. My family likes having dinner in the kitchen in the evening.
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