Read the article and choose a heading (A – D) for each paragraph.
(Izlasi tekstu un izvēlies rindkopu nosaukumus (A – D) katrai rindkopai!)
If necessary, use the Internet to translate the unknown words!
A The Amber Ring
B Memories from Poland
C The Nicest Gift
D The Items We Can’t Evaluate
My Clothes — My Memories
I wouldn’t describe myself as fashion-addicted and I don’t usually spend a lot of money on clothes. However, I do love a bargain and I’m terrible at throwing away old clothes. Some people cannot understand this. If it’s old, ripped, frayed, stained or too small, why would you want to keep it? Well, the answer is simple. Clothes are memories and, just like memories, they can be precious.
My favourite jacket is a grey and white wool jacket with a spotted print. There are several holes in it and even a big hole in the pocket when I accidentally set it on fire. I really should throw it away but I can’t bring myself to do it. It reminds me of one of my favourite travels. I bought it in a market in Warsaw. The first time I wore it I was on a trip to an amazing water and light show in a park on that same day. My friend and I had so much fun and I’ve made many memories wearing that jacket since.
It’s the same with jewellery too. My friend made me a beautiful bracelet with a piece of amber from the beach where I grew up. She gave it to me so I would always have a piece of home with me. It’s one of the loveliest gifts I’ve ever received and I’ve worn it a lot since she gave it to me. It’s probable that one day it will break somehow, but I could never throw it away.
I’d like to keep my memories with me as long as possible, even when I’ll move to city to go to college. So, these old garments are important for us.
Find in the text the words which mean:
(Atrodi tekstā vārdus, kas nozīmē:)
Write the words as they appear in the text! Don't use articles!
1. the abilities to remember information, experiences, and people —
2. a hard, transparent, yellowish-brown substance that was formed in ancient times from resin (= a substance produced by trees) and is used in jewellery; we can find it in the beach —
3. by chance or by mistake —
4. with the threads at the edge coming loose —
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