Read the article. Put the paragraphs in the correct order. In the answer write the letters.
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A the 1st paragraph
B the 5th paragraph
C the 2nd paragraph
D the 4th paragraph
E the 3rd paragraph
Home on the Range
1. Cowboys spend most of their life moving, usually leading the herd of cattle from place to place and travelling on backs of horses. They spend most of their time outdoors, travelling from camp to camp. The camps are very basic – they don't have electricity or hot water and shower, so the life of a cowboy is not comfortable one. What does the cowboy's everyday life like?
2. Cowboys, with their Stetsons and spurs, are familiar figures on TV and western films about the wild west. But what's a cowboy's life really like?
3. A cowboy's day always begins very early in the morning. They get up, eat a very big breakfast and get ready for the long day ahead. They spend their time on the horse's backs and looking after the cattle. After a hard day's work, they often relax around a campfire in the evening, singing songs and telling stories. At night they sleep in the tents or under the stars in their sleeping bags.
4. A cowboy's life isn't easy but no one say that it isn't exciting. Most cowboys agree that they would never want to do anything else!
5. In their free time, there's nothing a cowboy likes more than a rodeo! At the rodeos they can show their skill with a lasso and win a lot of money riding the wild bulls and horses!
Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley "Upstream Beginner", 2005, Express Publishing, p 35
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