Read the extract from the book 'Pinocchio'.
(Izlasi fragmentu no grāmatas "Pinokio"!)
Once there was an old man called Gepetto. He was poor and he lived alone in a small town near the sea.
Gepetto was a carpenter. He made things out of wood. And one day Gepetto made himself a boy out of wood. He made a wooden puppet.
'I will call you Pinocchio!' said Gepetto.
'Put me down, Dad!' said the puppet.
'Oh!' said Gepetto. 'Can you talk?'
'Of course I can!' said Pinocchio. 'Put me on the floor, Dad. I feel full of life and I want to dance.''
'Are you a good boy?' asked Gepetto.
'Of course I am!' said Pinocchio. 'I am the best boy in the world!' Then he ran out of the door.
'Pinocchio, my son!' cried old man. 'Come back!'
Answer the question.
How many questions are there in the text?
Now analyse these sentences. For each word choose the best variant.
1. I am the best boy in the world!
best —
in —
! —
2. Then he ran out of the door.
he —
ran —
out of —
the —
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