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Famous Faces
Face reading or personology is an old art that is becoming more and more popular. It is believed that a person's facial features can tell us a lot about what kind of person they are. Let's see what some famous faces tell us.
Antonio Banderas
Antonio's strong jawline means he's a very determined kind of person. At the same time, he's probably quite romantic, because he's got a large nose with soft tip. His high cheekbones are a sign that he loves to travel, likes adventure and change, and get bored very easy.
Jodie Foster
Jodie has large eyes, which means she is very creative. She's also got long eyebrows and a small nose, which means she's a friendly person and very gentle, too.
Mel Gibson
Mel's square forehead means he is honest and not afraid to say what he thinks. However, the laughter lines around his blue eyes show he's a very funny person who enjoys listening and telling jokes.
Now answer the question who's got …
1. a square forehead with wrinkles and blue eyes?
2. long eyebrows, large eyes and a small nose?
3. a strong jawline and high cheekbones?
Choose the correct variant.
4. Face reading is
5. Laughter lines around the eyes suggest
6. Long eyebrows and a small nose suggest
7. A strong jawline suggest
Virginia Evans, Neil O'Sullivan "Click on 2", 2002, Express Publishing, p 103
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