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Read the texts.
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Schools around the World
A school is a place where students learn from the teachers and from each other as well! A school can be in a room or any kind of building. It can even be in the open air. Schools are not the same in all countries. Let's take a look in different types of schools in different countries.
Emma is English. She's twelve years old. "I have my lessons in the big classroom. It's on the ground floor. There are pictures and paintings on the walls of my classroom. There's a playground with slides and swings just next to the door of our classroom. If the weather is nice, we like playing outside during the breaks."
Albert is ten age years old and he's from Holland. His home is on a boat. He and his family are always in different places. "My school is on a boat. It's fun. My teacher is my mum. She's quite strict as a teacher but always kind. We have our lessons in our living room, the largest room on our boat. Sometimes my mum takes me out of the boat and so our lessons are in the open air in the town or in the countryside."
jalalabad afghanistan.jpg
Radha is from Hunduz, in Afghanistan. She's twelve years old and she attends the school in the village that is some kilometres far from her house. "My school starts early because during the day time it's very hot. There's no desks or chairs in my classroom and there's one large carpet for sitting. Oh, yes. There aren't any boys in my class, too."
Now answer the questions.
(Atbildi uz jautājumiem!)
Write age in numbers!
1. What is there in the playground of Emma's school?
There are  in the playground of Emma's school.
2. Who is Albert's teacher?
Albert's teacher is .
3. How many boys are there in Radha's class?
There are  (one word) boys in Radha's class.
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