Read the descriptions of the words – school objects or places – and write them.
(Izlasi aprakstus un uzraksti vārdus – mācību piederumus vai vietas!)
All words are in British English.
1. any of several different types of container used to store papers, letters, and other documents, especially in an office
2. a book containing maps
3. a special pen containing bright ink, used to mark words in a book, magazine, etc
4. a small piece used to remove the marks made by a pencil
5. a device used for cutting materials such as paper, cloth, and hair
 (one word)
6. a machine or tool for making things such as pencils or knives sharper
7. a book or record containing a list of names usually in alphabetical order
Write out the letters
1st word last letter —
2nd word first letter —
3rd word third letter —
4th word third letter —
5th word sixth letter —
6th word fourth letter —
7th word sixth letter —
Write the words — suitable in the sentence — from the letters.
(No iegūtajiem burtiem uzraksti vārdus, kuri iederas teikumā!)
Teacher said to us: "  j!"
Lai iesniegtu atbildi un redzētu rezultātus, Tev nepieciešams autorizēties. Lūdzu, ielogojies savā profilā vai reģistrējies portālā!