Read, listen and learn some new words.
(Lasi, klausies un mācies jaunos vārdiņus!)
  • Snails
Snail is a small creature with a soft, wet body and a round shell, that moves very slowly and eats plants.
snail — [sneɪl] — gliemezis
  • Sea snails
Sea snail is snail, that lives in the sea. Its shell usually is big enough too cover all snail's body.
sea snail — [ˈsiː .sneɪl] — jūras gliemezis
shell — [ʃel] — gliemežvāks
  • Slugs
Slug is a small, usually black or brown creature with a long, soft body and no arms or legs, like a snail but with no shell.
slug — [slʌɡ] — kailgliemezis, gliemis
  • Mussels
Mussel a small sea creature that has a black shell with two parts that close tightly together. Mussels can be eaten. There are more than 1,000 species in the word.
mussel — [ˈmʌs.əl] — gliemene
  • Octopuses
Octopus is a sea creature with a soft, oval body and eight tentacles – long parts like arms.
octopus — [ˈɒk.tə.pəs] — astoņkājis
tentacle — [ˈten.tə.kəl] — tausteklis
  • Squid
Squid is a sea creature with a long body and ten arms situated around the mouth. There are more than 300 species in the world.
squid (pl squid) — [skwɪd] — kalmārs