Read the text about Ann.
(Izlasi tekstu par Annu!)
My name is Ann. I am a girl. I am eight years old. I am a pupil. I am in the third form. I live in Latvia. I am tall. I have green eyes and dark hair.

I have a family. My family is big. I have a mum, a dad, a sister and a brother. My mum is a teacher but my dad is a driver.

I go to school every day. I usually have five lessons. My favourite subject is Maths. I am a good pupil.

My hobby is swimming. I also like reading books and going for a walk with my dog Sam.
Fill in the gaps.
(Ieraksti trūkstošos vārdus!)
  1. I have   and dark hair.
  2. I have a mother, a father,   and a brother.
  3. I usually   lessons.
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