Complete the dialog with correct forms of  HAVE GOT and HAS GOT!
(Aizpildi dialogu, lietojot "have got" un "has got" pareizajā locījumā!)
It’s lunch time at Green School. Sue and Steve have got to know what everybody eats at school for their project about healthy food.
Sue: Steve (you) any vegetables in your lunch box?
Steve: Yes, and I  a chicken sandwich and some carrots.
Sue: You  healthy lunch!
Steve: But I  (not) any cake.
Sue: Lucy  some chocolate biscuits. Share your carrots with her  and ask her  for a biscuit.
Steve: Look over there! Elsie and Rosa are sharing their lunch.  (they) any juice in those brown bags?
Sue: I think so. I think they  some orange juice.
Steve: Look at DaisyShe  a sandwich and a chocolate bar but she  (not) any fruit or vegetables.
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