Read the texts.
(Izlasi tekstus!)
Schools around the World
A school is a place where students learn from the teachers and from each other as well! A school can be in a room or any kind of building. It can even be in the open air. Schools are not the same in all countries. Let's take a look in different types of schools in different countries.
Arjun is eleven years old. He's from Uttarkashi, India. "This is a picture of my school. It's outdoors. There's a desk and some chairs for our teacher and we sometimes have a blackboard, too. We have our lessons in the open air every day."
beijing, china.jpg
Sheng is Chinese. He's Sheng years old and he's from Beijing, China. "This is my classroom and this is our Biology lesson. Yes! This is our lesson but you can't see any students in the classroom. There's only our teacher Mrs Zhang in the room. She's teaching us using the internet, it's like a broadcast. Due to the high air pollution we sometimes stay at home and then we have lessons through the internet. It's amazing!"
Hang is from Mai Chau, in Vietnam. She's only eight years old and she goes to school in her village. There are eight more children aged to 12 in her school. "There are only a few tables that we use as the desks in my classroom and there are some stools to sit on them, too. We don't have any books or notepads and we don't have any pens or pencils, too. We don't even have electricity in our school, but there's a blackboard and some chalk to write with."
Now answer the questions.
(Atbildi uz jautājumiem!)
Write age in numbers!
1. How old is Arjun?
Arjun is  years old.
2. Why are there no students in Sheng's class?
Because there's   today.
3. Where is Hang's school?
Her school is in .
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