Task 1 (12 points)
Listen to the interview with Melissa, telling about her home town. Complete the gaps with the missing information. An example (0) has been given. 

0. Melissa left San Francisco when she was 18 years old.
1. Melissa left the United States after she .
2. Melissa visits San Francisco  a year.
3. Melissa states that compared to other American cities, San Francisco is rather unique and .
4. Nick suggests that San Francisco and New York owe their uniqueness to their .
5. According to Nick, both New York and San Francisco have well-developed .
6. Melissa recalls that her family used to have  car(s).
7. Melissa admits that when she goes back to San Francisco she feels like a .
8. Melissa’s European friends complain about San Francisco being .
9. According to Melissa, the best months for visiting San Francisco are .
10. Melissa claims that  benefit from tourists misreading the climate of San Francisco.

11. Nick suggests that San Francisco and Oakland may be  because of their location.
12. Melissa stresses that San Francisco will stay .
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