When you meet and talk to people, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Do for a living - work for the money that you need for life;
Involve - to make someone be part of an activity or process;
Discuss - to talk about something with someone and tell each other your ideas or opinions;
Discussion - when people talk about something and tell each other their ideas or opinions;
Topic - a subject that you talk or write about;
Avoid - to stay away from a person, place, situation, etc;
Marital status - whether or not someone is married;
Rude - behaving in a way which is not polite and upsets other people;
Get back - to return to a place after you have been somewhere else;
Improve a situation - to get better or to make a situation better.

You should avoid rude words.

I know how to improve our situation.

Don’t ask people about their marital status.