Read the information about reported statements.
When we report statements, we use say or tell. Also we change pronouns, possessive adjectives and tenses.

Study the table.
Direct speech Reported speech
Present Simple Past Simple
Present Progressive Past Progressive
Past Simple Past Perfect Simple
Present Perfect Simple Past Perfect Simple
Past Perfect Simple Past Perfect Simple
Past Progressive Past Perfect Progressive
Present Perfect Progressive Past Perfect Progressive
Past Perfect Progressive Past Perfect Progressive
Future I (going to) was/were going to
Future II (will) Conditional I (would)
Conditional I (would) Conditional I (would)

“ I want to go on holiday”, Mary said
Mary said (that) she wanted to go on holiday. (present simple - past simple)
“We visited many castles last year”, Mary said.
Mary said (that) they had visited many castles the year before. (past simple - past perfect)
“I will send you some cards”, Kate said.
Kate said (that) she would send them some cards. (future simple - would + V1)
Remember these changes with words.
Direct Speech                      
Reported Speech                   
tonight, today, this week/month/year that night, that day, that week/month/year
now then, at that time, at once
yesterday, last night/week/month/year the day before/the previous day, the previous night/week/month/year
tomorrow, next week/month/year the day after/the following day/week/month/year
two days/months/years ago two days/months/years before
this, these that, those/the/some
here there
come go