Study the information about possessive pronouns and adjectives.
Possessive pronouns and adjectives are two different ways to show possession. Possessive Adjectives are used in this order:
Possessive Adjective + Noun
Our office is big.
Рис. \(1\). Office
My flat is small but cosy.

Possessive Pronouns are used in this order:
Noun  +  Possessive Pronoun

The bag is mine.  
Рис. \(2\). Bag
The shop is his.

Possessive adjectives go before the noun and possessive pronouns go after the noun. Here are some examples:       
This is my computer.
The car is mine.
canadianPhotographer56 Shutterstock.jpg
Рис. \(3\). Car
Here is a list of the possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns:
Possessive adjectives Possessive pronouns
my mine
your yours
his his
her hers
its its
our ours
their theirs
Рис. 3. Car, canadianPhotographer56 /