To speak about the government and political parties, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Democracy - a system of government in which people elect their leaders, or a country with this system;
Define - to say exactly what something means, or what someone or something is like;
Framework - a system of rules, ideas, or beliefs that is used to plan or decide something;
Separation - when people or things are separate or become separate from other people or things;
Restrict - to limit something;
Authority - the official power to make decisions or to control other people;
Establish - to start a company or organization that will continue for a long time;
Legislative - ​relating to ​laws or the making of ​laws;
Executive - relating to making decisions;
Judicial - relating to a court of law or the legal system;
Independent - not controlled or ruled by anyone else;
Adopt - to accept or start using something new;
Inauguration Day - in the US, the ​day when a ​person ​officially ​becomes ​president in a ​special ​ceremony and ​takes ​responsibility from the ​previous ​president;
Violate - not to obey a law, rule, or agreement;
Overturn - officially change a legal decision.
Your duties are clearly defined in the contract.
We need the support of someone in authority.
The ​European Parliament will have ​greater legislative ​powers (= ​ability to make ​laws).