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Numurs Nosaukums Apraksts
1. Past Continuous. Use
2. Past continuous. Formation and exceptions Formation and exceptions.


Numurs Nosaukums Tips Grūtības pakāpe Punkti Apraksts
1. '-ing' forms. Change the verbs into the past continuous 2. izziņas līmenis vidēja 4p. Write down the following verbs in their -ing form. Mind the exceptions in spelling.
2. 'To be'. Multiple-choice. Choose the correct form of 'to be' 2. izziņas līmenis zema 4p. Choose the correct past form of ‘to be’ to complete the sentences.
3. Positive sentences. Multiple-choice 2. izziņas līmenis vidēja 3p. Choose the correct past continuous sentence which is made from the words given.
4. Negative sentences. Writing 2. izziņas līmenis augsta 5p. Writing. Write negative sentences in past continuous using the given words.
5. Questions. Fill in the blanks to complete the questions 2. izziņas līmenis augsta 10p. Choose words from the table to complete the questions, you also have to add the correct form of "to be"
6. Questions with the interrogatives 2. izziņas līmenis augsta 4p. Read the sentences and ask for the information. Remember to use past continuous. Don't forget to use a question mark at the end of each question!
7. Past continuous. Multiple-choice and sentence formation 2. izziņas līmenis vidēja 3p. Multiple-choice questions. Subject: Past verb tenses - Past Continuous (Progressive)
8. Complete the sentences using the verbs from the box 2. izziņas līmenis augsta 5p. Complete the sentences in past continuous using was/were and one of the verbs from the table.
9. Listening. Fill in the blanks 2. izziņas līmenis vidēja 9p. Listen to a song by John Lennon "Jealous Guy" and fill in the blanks.
10. Listening. Multiple-choice. A woman shares her experience 2. izziņas līmenis vidēja 3p. Listen to the story and order the situation in a chronological order.


Numurs Nosaukums Ieteicamais ilgums: Grūtības pakāpe Punkti Apraksts
1. Check your understanding of the past continuous 00:00:00 vidēja 30p.