When you speak about different types of energy that influence our environment, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Fossil fuels - a fuel such as coal or oil that is obtained from under the ground;
Generate power -  produce energy, usually electricity, that is used to provide light, heat, etc;
Wind power - electricity ​produced using wind ​turbines;
Wind farm - a ​group of ​wind ​turbines (= ​tall ​structures with ​blades that are ​blown by the ​wind) that are used for ​producing ​electricity;
Nuclear power station - a place where the production of the energy is released when the nucleus (= central part) of an atom is divided;
Alternative form of energy - one of two or more things that you can choose between types of energy;
Wind turbine - a machine with long parts at the top that are turned by the wind, used to make electricity;
Unoccupied sites - places have no one in it;
Monitor wind direction - control the way that wind is going or facing;
Solar energy - energy that uses the power of the sun;
Hydropower - ​hydroelectric ​power (= the ​production of ​electricity by the ​force of ​fast ​moving ​water).
China could ​meet a significant ​portion of its electricity ​needs through wind ​power.
In Europe people choose solar energy.
This company is going to place some wind turbines.