10. jūnijs - MATEMĀTIKA II
Study the information about verb + ing.
1. Remember that after the verbs enjoy, mind and suggest, we should use -ing (not to).
I enjoy reading.

Kate suggested going to the cinema.
2. Other verbs that are followed by -ing:

Finish, stop, postpone, consider, admit, deny, avoid, risk, fancy, imagine.
I will do the shopping when I have finished cleaning the flat.

She tried to avoid answering questions.
3. Use -ing after give up, put off, go on, carry on, keep on.
She keeps interrupting when I am talking.

4. Some verbs can be used in the structure verb + somebody + ing:
I can’t imagine Mike riding a motorbike.
Remember the passive form (being done/seen/kept):
I don’t mind being kept waiting for you.
5. If you speak about finished actions, say having done/stolen/said. But it is not necessary to use having (done).

They admitted stealing money.
6. After some verbs (admit, deny, suggest), you may also use that.

Mark suggested that we went to the cinema.