Study the information about verb (+ object) + to.
1. We use to with these verbs:

Want, expect, ask, be, help, mean, would like, would prefer
Verb + to:
We expected to be late.
Verb + object + to:
Would you like me to go now?

After the verb ‘help’ you can use the infinitive with or without to.

Can you help me to bring these boxes?

Can you help me bring these boxes?
2. Use the structure verb + object + to with these verbs:

Tell, remind, force, encourage, teach, enable, order, warn, invite, persuade, get.
Can you remind me to call Mike tomorrow?
3. You can use 2 structures after the verbs (advise, allow, recommend).
Verb + ing:

I would not recommend staying in that hotel.

Verb + object + to:

They don’t allow people to park in front of the building.
4. Use make and let without to.

Remember the structure: verb + object + infinitive (without to).

Let me carry your bag for you.

We say ‘make somebody do’, but the passive form is ‘be made to do’.

They were made to wait for two hours.