To speak about natural disasters, you need to know the appropriate vocabulary.
Thunder - the sudden loud noise that comes from the sky especially during a storm;

Lightning - a flash of bright light in the sky that is produced by electricity moving between clouds or from clouds to the ground;

Cyclone - a violent tropical storm or wind in which the air moves very fast in a circular direction;

Storm - an extreme weather condition with very strong wind, heavy rain, and often thunder and lightning;

Charge - to put electricity into an electrical device such as a battery;

Damage - to harm or spoil something;

Induce - to cause something to happen;

Thunderstorm - a storm with thunder and lightning and usually heavy rain;

Cause - to make something happen, especially something bad;

Blizzard - a severe snow storm with strong winds;

Typhoon - a violent wind that has a circular movement, found in the West Pacific Ocean;

Extreme - very large in amount or degree;

Clockwise - in the direction in which the hands (= thin parts that point) of a clock move;

Interplay - the effect that two or more things have on each other;

Wildfire - a fire that is burning strongly and out of control on an area of grass or bushes in the countryside.

There was a clap of thunder and then it started to pour with rain.

Have you ever been struck by lightning?

A lot of trees came down in the storm.

We once got stuck in a blizzard for six hours.