Read the text carefully and tick the correct answer.
Uzmanīgi izlasi tekstu un atzīmē pareizo atbildi!
My name's Jane. I'm thirteen years old. I live in a city called Liverpool together with my mum, dad and my brother, Daniel.
Spring is here now and I'm happy about it, because we celebrate Easter in spring. I will tell you what we do at Easter.
Easter starts on Good Friday in Britain. My mum bakes hot cross buns and we eat them with tea.
We usually have Easter projects at school. Last year we made different hats. This year we are designing a basket full of painted Easter eggs. It will be great!
On Easter Sunday morning we have a big breakfast. Then we give each other chocolate eggs. Then we play "Egg Hunting" in the garden, because my parents hide some Easter eggs there. I and my brother look for them. We love playing it.
In the afternoon my cousins, aunts and uncles visit us. They also bring dyed eggs with them. Then we fight with eggs. After that we usually go for a walk together.
1. What do they celebrate in spring?
2. What do uncles and aunts bring with them?
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