Read the text carefully and choose the correct answer.
Uzmanīgi izlasi tekstu un izvēlies pareizo atbildi!
Hello! I’m Andrew. I'm from Estonia. I just want to tell you about the weather in my country. It’s often sunny in the beginning of autumn. And it is a rich season because trees are full of fruit. But in October and November it’s usually cold and windy. It rains a lot and it’s often foggy.
Winter is usually very cold. The temperature falls below zero. It often snows and the wind is blowing very much. It is good to sit inside by the fire when the cold wind is blowing outside. There are usually frosts, too. I like when it's icy and frosty outside in winter. Many people like winter because of winter sports like skating, sledging, skiing, snowboarding etc. In Estonia there aren’t very high mountains so people go skiing to other countries.
I like spring a lot because after the long cold, wet and foggy days it is warm again. You can see lovely spring flowers everywhere. The weather is changeable especially in April. It often rains and there can be hard winds, too. Sometimes it’s cloudy but most of the time it's calm and clear and often even warm and sunny.
My favourite season is summer. It is very hot in July and August. Sometimes there are rainstorms with thunder and lightning.
1. When it is cold and windy in winter, it is good to sit inside by the fire.
2. There aren't frosts in Estonia in winter.
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