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Top stress tips
Repressing your emotions will compromise your immune system and leave you feeling run-down and less able to cope with stress. Show your feelings, find people to talk to about them and express yourself.
Rather than procrastinating and agonizing over deep-rooted problems, and making them with short-term solutions, get to the root of them. You need to identify what it is that is causing your stress and take direct action.
Don’t cling to a person who is ignoring or denying key aspects of reality. Have a face-to-face talk. Loss doesn’t just mean the death of a loved one. Loss can occur with the break-up of a relationship or having to start a new job or school. Grieve your loss and regain your energy and perspective and reengage with life in a vital manner.
Don’t wear yourself out with unnecessary travel.
Don’t bury your emotions.
Create a social network.
Learn to let go.
Don’t engage in temporary solutions.
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