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Olympic stadium's uncertain future
It took three days before Greek authorities granted us permission to visit the Olympic site. But when we reached the security post at the back entrance, we were not allowed any further and we had to wait for our police escort to arrive.
 (1)  But this was not the Green Zone in Baghdad we were entering. It was a large complex of Olympic venues built for last year’s Athens games.
Last August, these venues were the centre of world attention as some of the greatest athletes competed for medals in front of the crowds and television cameras.
 (2) They also stand as testaments to the months leading up to the opening ceremony. This ultimately succeeded in making the games look good for the global television audience, but less so for the spectators who came to this vast, desolate an incomplete complex. According to official documents, the six venues built on this site known as Hellinikon cost almost $330m.  (3)
(, published in August 2005)
NB: The last summer Olympic Games took place in Athens in 2004

 A  One year later they stand idle, under lock and key – silent concrete monuments rising oddly from the runway of what used to be the city’s old airport.
It also failed to put together any coherent plan for the future use of almost 30 purpose-built venues after the Olympic band-wagon rolled out of town.
The main Olympic stadium will be used by two football clubs and the media centre will be turned into museums of sports.
But since the games they have only been used for the occasional concert, exhibition or sports event.
As we followed the flashing blue lights, the initial dominant image was row upon row of high-security fencing.
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