Listen to the text and complete the sentences by choosing the correct answer from the drop box.
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1.Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 
2.Nowadays, though, we increasingly use Bell’s invention for emails, faxes and the internet rather than 
3.In the 1940s, researchers began experimenting with the idea of using a number of radio masts located around the countryside to pick up signals from  
4.The first real mobile telephone call was made by 
5. will be amazed to know that, not long ago, people made spoken arrangements to meet at a certain place at a certain time.
6. before it, the text message has altered the way we write in English, bringing more abbreviations and a more lax approach to language construction.
7. , once the preserve of the high-powered businessperson and the “yuppie”, are now a vital part of daily life for an enormous amount of people.
Alexander Graham Bell

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