Task 2 (25 points)
You should spend about 45 minutes on this task.
Write between 200 – 250 words.


Some people claim that advertising provides us with useful information while others argue that it is a tool of manipulation. Comment on both opinions and give your point of view supported by arguments.

Remember you have to write between 200 and 250 words
Don’t forget that this is an essay and you have to plan it.
1. At the beginning give the thesis statement (include both arguments)
2. Start the second paragraph with the first topic sentence and give the support to the argument.
3. The next argument should be discussed and supported in a new paragraph.
4. Don’t forget to write the conclusion and restate the thesis statement.
This is an essay- don’t use short forms. The text should be divided into paragraphs. Use cohesive devices (linkers, conjunctions etc.)

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