Read the extract from an interview and fill in the gaps by choosing the appropriate question from the list of options. Write the appropriate letter in the space provided. There are more questions than answers.
Swimming with dolphins
That’s actually a myth based on the fact that their brains are unusually large, a quality they share with anteaters. Recent studies suggest they can respond to basic sign language and perform new tricks on demand, but there is little scientific evidence to support the theories crediting dolphins with everything from healing powers to telepathy.

Scientists say they will need at least another 10 years before they know if the breeding and migration patterns of cetaceans have been altered by their contact with humans. It may be that they are disturbed by the noise of tourist boats; or the presence of humans could inhibit mating. Most experts say that while there is a chance of causing long-term damage we should stay away.

Many people object to keeping the creatures away from their natural habitats simply for our amusement. Are you attracted by the idea of a cruise-liner arriving at an American resort and depositing 30 passengers into a tank with a single dolphin that has been taught to perform tricks? It happens.

How do you know? They may look happy but scientists point out that they have a “psychological smile!” A classic case of anthropomorphism, perhaps. They also make cute noises, but despite years of research into dolphin intelligence experts still can’t agree on what those noises mean, if anything.

Does this mean swimming with dolphins in captivity might be more politically correct?
It’s quite the thing to do these days, isn’t it?
But one quick swim won’t do any harm, eh?
But dolphins appear to enjoy contact with humans.
Are dolphins more intelligent than humans?

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