Lai uzdevums būtu ieskaitīts kā pareizs, ir jāatbild pareizi uz visiem uzdotajiem jautājumiem. Viena uzdevuma pildīšanas ilgums ir līdz 15 minūtēm.

Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Perfect or Past Simple. Choose the correct answer from given options!
1)  I enjoyed my cousin's wedding but I (go) ____ home soon.
2)  Yesterday afternoon I went downtown and I (meet) ____ Peter.
3)  Everybody (leave) ____ the house by the time I came home.
4)  These shoes were very clean because our housemaid (clean) ____ them.
5)  The doctor examined her leg and (find) ____ that she had broken it.
6)  When I looked at the lorry I could see that somebody (drive) ____ into the back of it.
7)  He told me he (never see) ____ anything like that.
8)  When she (hear) ____ the noise she turned to see what it was.

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