First, read the text below! You will notice that some words are missing.
Baseball Dreams
Paul loved baseball. He loved baseball more than    He loved baseball more than basketball. His favorite team was the Yankees. He wanted to play baseball for the Yankees. He practiced baseball almost every day. He practiced  the baseball. He practiced catching the baseball. He practiced hitting the baseball. He practiced pitching the baseball. He slept with his baseball glove. His baseball glove was under his pillow. At night he dreamed about baseball. He dreamed about   for the Yankees. He played on his high school team. He played on his college team. His coaches loved Paul. They said he was going to be a baseball player. Then Paul was in a car accident. It was a   accident. Paul couldn’t walk. His doctors said he would never walk again. Paul said, “I will walk again. I will run again. I will play baseball for the Yankees.”

Now listen to the audio file - can you hear what are the missing words? Write them in the empty gaps! There is only one word missing in each gap. Make sure you don't make any spelling mistakes and use lowercase letters only!
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