Listen to the text " Fashion Sense". Curtis talks with Spencer about her sense of style and the clothes she likes to wear.   
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Write the words that you will hear.
1. Curtis: Hi Spencer, I thought we might talk about fashion   bit.
2. Curtis: Right. Sometimes I find that with men's dress shoes  , sometimes they're really narrow and my feet are a little bit wide and so you get these really long and pointed dress shoes that narrow towards the toes.
3. Spencer: Well my fashion sense has definitely changed over the last decade. I was kind of recently out of uni and my uni years it was always every night I wanted to look superb. I even dressed up for class, it was, you know, that whatchamacallit a big university, but it was also a very old kind of university where   dressed up all the time, very southern, very, you know, let's look good for every kind of occasion.

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