Listen to the text and write the correct prepositions into the extracts from the conversation.
Abidemi talks about her favorite teachers and what made him special.
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1. Abidemi: We could tell that he really cared. Although, he was very much a teacher, he took that authority role but at the same time, he was like our friend. Like during the break time, we would approach him, we would talk to him. And   the summer, he tutored a few of us for the entrance examination to high school because we have that system in Nigeria.
2. Jeremy: You know, it was more just sort   teacher qualities that I remember from a number of different teachers.
3. Jeremy: And what I always really - when I look back and think    teachers that made a difference, it was teachers that recognized students’ weakness and tried to counsel them or to sort of—in my case, it was that I was a very, very shy person.

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