Izlasi dialogu un atbildi uz jautājumiem, kas seko pēc tā! Ja dialogā ir kāds vārds, ko tu nezini, tad izmanto vārdnīcu, lai noskaidrotu tā nozīmi!
We're only staying overnight!
- Good evening, sir. May I help you?
- Yes. What kind of rooms do you have?

- How large is your party?
- Three. Two adults and one child.

- Let's see. We have a room with two double beds. How many nights?
- Just one. We're only staying overnight.

- Ok. It's 65 EUR per night.
- Can I pay by credit card?

- Of course. Could you fill in this form, please?
- Here you are.

- And here is your key. Your room number is 318.
- Thank you.
1)  How long are the guests planning to stay at the hotel?
2)  How many people are there in the party that wants to spend the night in this hotel?
3)  Is it possible to pay by credit card in this hotel?

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