Izlasi dialogu un atbildi uz jautājumiem, kas seko pēc tā! Ja dialogā ir kāds vārds, ko tu nezini, tad izmanto vārdnīcu, lai noskaidrotu tā nozīmi!
Check - in at the airport
- Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please?
- Here you are.

- Thank you. Would you like to sit in a smoking or non-smoking area?
- Non-smoking, please.

- Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
- An aisle seat, please.

- Do you have any baggage?
- Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.

- Here's your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.
- Thank you.
1)  What do you have to show the agent at the airport when checking in?
2)  What kind of seats are there on the plane?
3)  What type of baggage will the passenger take with him on the plane?

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