Izlasi dialogu un atbildi uz jautājumiem, kas seko pēc tā (izvēloties pareizo atbildi vai teikuma nobeigumu)! Ja dialogā ir kāds vārds, ko tu nezini, tad izmanto vārdnīcu, lai noskaidrotu tā nozīmi!
Are you being helped?
- Hi, are you being helped?
- No, I'm not. I'm interested in some scarves.

- All our scarves are in this section. What do you think of this one here? It's made of silk.
- It looks nice, but I'd like to have something warm for the winter.

- Maybe you would like a heavy wool scarf. How about this one?
- I think that's what I want. How much is it?

- It's twenty-five dollars.
- That's good. Could you wrap it up for me?

- Sure. Is there anything else I can get for you?
- No, that should be it. Thank you.
1)  What is the customer looking for?
2)  What type of scarf is the customer looking for?
3)  How much did the customer pay for the heavy wool scarf?

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