Reading for meaning
Find words or expressions in the given passages of the text which have similar meaning to the given words or explanations (the information in the brackets will help you to find the correct answer)! Write the answer in the empty box below each text passage (use lowercase letters only)!
a.Shopping in the UK had its golden age in the 1980's. There was buoyant consumer confidence, new technological products, such as CD's, stimulated demand, and edge-of-town developments boomed. However, the new retail environment is much more complex, competitive and uncertain. New strategies will be vital for survival.
1)flourishing (one word)
b.The markets opened up by out-of-center supermarkets are becoming saturated. One response has been a move downmarket into deep discount supermarkets. Some experts predict a growth of teleshopping helped by the spread in cable networks. One spin-off of teleshopping, incidentally, will be a rise in specifically targeted advertising via such networks. Instead of broadcasting adverts to the old "admass", the new buzz word is "narrowcasting".
2)highly fashionable and immediate slogan (expression - two words)
c.Recent economic hardship has given the consumer increased power in Europe as retailers fight to win their share of reduced disposable income. This has meant falling prices, plenty of special offers and a re-examination of what customer service really means.
3)financial difficulty (expression - two words)

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