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Dear Mr Landers,

I run `Snips' hairdressing shop above Mr Shah's chemist's shop at 24 High Street. I started the business 20 years ago and it is now very successful. My customers have to walk through the chemist's to the stairs at the back which lead to the hairdresser's. This has never been a problem.

Mr Shah plans to retire later this year, and I have heard from a business acquaintance that you intend to rent the shop space to a hamburger bar. I have thought about trying to rent it myself and make my shop bigger but I cannot persuade anyone to lend me that much money. I don't know what to do. My customers come to the hairdresser's to relax and the noise and smells of a burger bar will surely drive them away. Also, they won't like having to walk through a hot, smelly burger bar to reach the stairs.

I have always paid my rent on time. You have told me in the past that you wish me to continue with my business for as long as possible. I believe you own another empty shop in the High Street. Could the burger bar not go there, where it would not affect other people's businesses?

I hope you think carefully about this.
1) What is the writer's main aim in the letter?

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