Read the text and try to answer the questions that follow!
Hospital to close
Shock announcement
The Regional Health Department has announced that the local hospital will be closed in two years time.

Local area
The hospital was built in 1935 to serve this small town and the villages and farms in the area. Ten years ago the Regional Health Department suggested closing the hospital, but local people fought the idea so hard that the hospital was allowed to stay open.
Since then a lot of money has been given by people who use the hospital in order to keep the building and equipment in good condition.
Patients speak out
Our reporter asked a number of patients what they felt:
"It's particularly important for us older people who live in the villages. We haven't got cars to drive all the way to the city hospital to see a specialist - it's fifty miles - you can't get there and back on the bus in one day."
"Look, I've got a car so I can get to the city and back. The problem is that I'm going to lose a day's wages while I do it. The local hospital may be small, but it's here, and I can be in and out in an hour."
Family feelings
"When my grand­mother was dying, she was very ill for a long time. We could visit her every day because she was near us. The nurses were wonderfully kind, they're all part of a small team, so they knew all the family and were very helpful to us. It was a bad time, but if the hospital wasn't there, we wouldn't have had the equipment to nurse her at home, so she'd have been far away, not seeing us often, that would have been much worse."
Top specialists
It is said that it is not possible for top specialists to work at such a small hospital, but in fact there are specialists who come to the hospital every week. When asked about the cost of this, Dr A. Chan told our reporter, "It saves time and money for one specialist to travel 100 miles instead of asking 20 patients to travel the same distance to see the specialist in the city . . ."
Q1:The local hospital was nearly closed ten years ago.
Q2:Some specialists visit the local hospital regularly.
Q3:The families think that it is convenient to have a hospital locally because they can visit their sick relatives.

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