Read the extract from an article and choose the correct words to fill in the gaps in the text!
Saving the last drop
The cause of the water loss goes back to the days of the old Soviet Union and its diversion of the main rivers which feed the Aral Sea in order to irrigate  
 , arid areas for cotton production. In the process, new deserts have been created. Nowadays the winds blow salt  
 an increasingly barren landscape and the health of the local people suffers.
To the north, hopes are
 to the construction of a 12km (7.4 mile) dam between the two sections of the sea. This, the locals hope, will cause the water level in the northern part to rise, thus  
 its salinity and  
 the fishing industry. So far, however, the Kazakhstan government has been unable to afford the $20m which the project would cost.

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