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The world in 2050
If no action is taken, the  
 are likely to be calamitous. Before the industrial revolution, the atmosphere was made up of 250 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Now that figure has reached 366 and is already producing meteorological effects: a steady increase in devastating storms across Britain, rising sea levels, and dwindling glaciers and ice-caps. And that is just the start. Carbon dioxide levels will
  reach 450, even if governments closed every factory tomorrow. 'Plants absorb carbon dioxide and when they die they release that gas,' says Dr David Griggs of the IPCC's science working group. 'Similarly, the oceans absorb and release carbon dioxide.'
These carbon dioxide
 mean that we could not stop atmospheric levels rising for future decades, no matter what we did. 'The climate is changing and will continue to change, regardless of what George Bush says,' comments Dr Mike Hulme of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change in Norwich.
In any case, closing down factories is not on the cards.

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